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Welcome to America’s Menus at! Our team members have have been all over the world and have lived in wonderful places like Southern California – Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii – Phoenix, Scottdale and Tucson, Arizona – Palm Springs, Long Beach, and Pasadena, California – Coral Gables and Miami, Florida – Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana – Chicago, Illinois – and many other great places. All of these places have one thing in common…Great restaurants and great food. Within our City Menus sites you will be able to find some of those great places.

*** On most other restaurant guides or restaurant menu sites, the web sites to restaurants will either be hidden, or the link to the restaurant not be given to you at all. At America’s Menus, we actually give you the link to all restaurants we list so you can visit each of them yourself. We offer you the results of thousands of hours of searching, visiting, and organizing information on restaurants in the US.

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